A Typical Padwork Class:

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Padwork classes are a chance to learn new techniques as well as practice old ones. They are also a good place to work on fitness in an atmosphere that accommodates for students of all levels, those new to the sport or those with more experience, those looking to get in shape in a fun way and those looking to one day compete.


A typical padwork class at the warrior academy involves a mix of rounds on the pads and fitness work on and off the pads.

Typically a class starts with a full warm up, followed by some kicking practice on the pads. This gets you warm, flexible and keeps one of the fundamental techniques sharp.


After the kicking practice, rounds of padwork begin. These involve putting combinations together to make students more familiar with classic combinations used in the ring as well as making students work on their footwork, balance and technique. Padwork involves some defence drills as well as attack drills and is physically demanding pushing the fitness of students as they improve technically.


The last quarter of the class is usually dedicated purely to improving and testing the fitness of students. This is done to provide them with the level of cardio they would need to compete as well as helping get students in shape and stronger. Emphasis is put on cardio and core strength as these are important aspects of thaiboxing.


To finish with the class always stretches in full. Stretches are done not just to relieve aches and pains but also to improve flexibility for kicking and punching.


Padwork classes take place Mondays 6-7pm at Fit Guru Gym, 117 Twerton High Street, Bath. They are a great way to get fit in a friendly atmosphere. All levels are welcome from complete beginner to experienced fighter.


The next article will detail a typical sparring class with the Warrior Academy (Wednesdays 6-7pm at Fit Guru)

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