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Welcome to Warrior Thai Boxing, Expert Freestyle Kickboxing!


What separates us from other clubs is the fact that our instructors come from several interesting backgrounds rather than just one. We have instructors who have studied Muay Thai Boxing and trained in Thailand, as well Instructors who have fought nationally in Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. This gives us a fantastic balance of experience like no other club around!

Classes are fun, rewarding, and are aimed at increasing the members fitness levels drastically while improving their technique whether they want to compete or not! Thai Boxing and Kickboxing is a great workout and the benefits both physically and psychologically are immense. Students report after just one month a huge increase in confidence, stamina, strength and mental toughness!

Many people come to us just wanting to get fit, and they find our Instructors and other members create the perfect environment in order to achieve their goals! Other people come to the classes with the desire to compete – our Instructors have all competed and train our fighters up to a level where they can personally take the fighters to regional and national competitions to represent the club!

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We teach Adult Thai Boxing from ages 16+. The clubs focus on Muay Thai and Freestyle Kickboxing developing technique, physical fitness, and the mentality of a fighter. We train anyone from the complete novice who is hoping to get much fitter to a Fighter aiming to compete nationally! We are licensed through the MAGB and are insured to take fighters to semi contact competition as well as Full contact competitions.

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Some of our Thai Boxers in Bath during an intense Sparring and Pad work session.

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Long-term training:

-items in the mandatory
-gum shield
-groin guard
-boxing gloves
-shin pads
-starter Pack (including Insurance and club T shirt)